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18 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

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1. VW Camper Van, 2. cuties, 3. Jasper owls gossiping, 4. CARLA THE CATERPILLAR

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5 yorum:

  1. Hi, the little dolls are so cute. Thank you for including the camper van in these lovely pictures.
    Regards Julia

  2. It is pleasure for me Julia... Your VW Camper Van is so cute...

    Thank you Star of East...

  3. Hallo Arzu!
    Many thanks for featuring my lazy Carla The Caterpillar, too! My favourite are the Owls, though, somehow it looks as if they really are talking to eachother :-)
    Eva (Margrietje Jewelry)

  4. You are most wellcome, Eva...