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22 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

8 Mart 2010 Pazartesi

Monday Moodboard "Start every day with a smile and get it over with."

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.

Giant Lavender Scarflette by koopdegrace
Red Hood by Afra
SALE - Linen top - in black and red by ThongbaiTatong
Purple and Red Scarf with Circles by subrosa123

International Women's Day, first marked in Copenhagen in 1910. It is a day when women are recognised for their achievements irrespective of ethnic origin, culture, economics, or politics.
A very Happy International Women's Day...

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2 Mart 2010 Salı

Flickr Favorites

1)Daisy cabochons by nomadcrafts
2)Daisy Embroidered Pincushion by jennybubbletime
3)Custom Daisy Magnets by blockpartpress
4)Daisy Fortune Earrings by meltemsem

"Don't you think that daisies are the nicest flower?" The only thing about them, as with many of the more beautiful flowers, is that their season is so short.

Happy Vessel with daisies...

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25 Şubat 2010 Perşembe

Renaissance Gal of San Antonio Featured My Lantern...

Deb Tuchsen is an artist, polymer clay addict and a single mother of 3. Her art ranges from drawings and paintings to computer generated graphic design to polymer clay jewelry and millefiori.

She says:

Arzu Musa reminds me that polymer clay is an international art form. She is from Istanbul, Turkey and her wonderful lanterns and candle holders just glow! It reminds me how wonderful the polymer clay community is at breaking down the barriers across this great world of ours. Arzu Musa's SHOP is filled not only with these wonderful lanterns, but also with handmade buttons, barrettes, jewelry, beads and hair combs - all with an earthy style that is all her own. You can find out more about her work at

You might like to see some works from her: Thank you so much Deb.

This fun bracelet has 'UT' and longhorn millefiori beads with glass bead accents.

Handmade millefiori polymer clay designs created for Southern Methodist University(SMU).

Children of the World Chain Bracelet

Flickr Favorites

Designers and Their Lovely Cats:

1. Cleaning, 2. So happy together, 3. Polymer clay Brown Pendant, 4. Our beloved cat

1. Barkleigh..our resident stray cat reappears today, 2. "Indigo" the Chow..fused glass and dichroic!, 3. Sweet Fawn - Handpainted stone, 4. pasha_090526

24 Şubat 2010 Çarşamba

17 Şubat 2010 Çarşamba

"Artist Andrea Balch" Wrote a Wonderful Article About "What are Polymer Clay Canes"

Andrea Balch is a professional artist, who has studied in many areas over the years, and been an artist all her life. She has got a site called Pets of the Realm If you are an artist; want to be an artist, or just love art, this site is for you.

She has covered the mystery of polymer clay canes in her article and she gave an example one of my work.

What are Polymer Clay Canes:

That's a good question, I was a dumfounded as you when I first got into the world of polymer clay . CANES... it it something to use when your walking? and what is it to do with polymer clay, all these silly things firstly run through your head.
If I had first thought of the old candy that kids used to buy from the corner store many years ago, I would have been on the right track.
Remember the long shaped candy that were sometimes striped on the outside, "Rock Candy" and they had different shaped colures inside.
You could see the different shapes when you looked at the end of the lollies, and they took ages to eat didn't they...
I GET IT! I GET IT NOW!... Please read this wonderful article here...

Here is a candle holder made of the polymer canes, I don't think there isn't something you cant do with this different form of polymer designs. Andrea Balch