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12 Şubat 2010 Cuma

Etsy Purchases for My Home

Simply Wired Custom Jewelry featued my "Trio of Shamans candle holder". Now, it is glowing at her home... I am very happy that my work has brought a new colour to her live....

Candle holder one of a kind - Trio of Shamans

One of my latest is from ArzuMusa. See this lovely little candle holder? Yep, she created this "Trio of Shamans" piece all by herself, and shipped it to *ME* all the way from Fethiye, Turkey. I absolutely adore it, and it coordinates perfectly with the colors of my home. The glow is beautiful, the craftsmanship is superb, and I've received many compliments on it already! Thank you, ArzuMusa!

She is a jewelry artisan. Please see her wonderful items in her ETSY shop

She says for her art: "Wire and gemstones are what continuously draw me in… the combination of the two is electrifying. At the beginning of this side-profession of mine, I was searching for something to keep my hands and my brain creatively occupied. I started to explore different types of beads and techniques, and when I saw what could be done with wire, that’s when I decided it was for me."

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