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17 Şubat 2010 Çarşamba Featured My Wooden Comb

Cuteable is run by husband and wife team Lynsey and Matt. Matt is in charge of the technical side of the site and Lynsey is in charge of the day to day running and the fun part – finding the cute to share! To find out more about Lynsey’s day to day life then you can follow her Twitter here or craft blog here. a Mon-Fri treasure trove of cute stuff for you and your home!

Friday, January 15 2010 She found my new comb on her flickr pool and featured my wooden comb as a flickr friday.

Turquoise Blue, Brown and White Petite Flowers on the Wooden Comb, Natural Beech.... A wooden comb to help evenly distribute conditioner through the hair and detangle it without splitting the ends. Comb, small natural beech comb that fits in your wallet. Ideal for travel.

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