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9 Mart 2010 Salı

Flickr Favorites "Buttons World"

1. Brood of Frogs, 2. clock, 3. Eco Friendly Shopping Bag, no.4 (Milieuvriendelijke Boodschappentas), 4. Yellow and blues flower

for more mosaics at Artmind

You might like to see some of my handmade buttons:

8 yorum:

  1. Love the button mosaic, Arzu ! Thanks for including my froggies. And I am totally in love with your handmade buttons ! Will certainly buy some when I have some money on my paypal ...

  2. They are great! I love buttons - although not right now as I dropped the order that I was suppose to ship today... Ouch! ;)

  3. Wow, beautiful! I love buttons, and yours are really stunning - thanks for sharing! :-)

  4. Thanks for putting me in your favorites. Your buttons are inspiring!

  5. I love your buttons! There's something so beautifully organic about them.

  6. I love your choises!!! The buttons are so fun!
    You can make a lot of things with them!!